Apostolic Anointing

The Anointing. What is “the anointing”.

Anointing with Chrism Oil

Anointing with Chrism Oil (Photo credit: Johnragai)

To properly define the Anointing of God on an individual we must understand the concept of “anointment”. When the High Priest anointed the King, they poured oil upon him entirely. In other words, the oil was poured in symbolic act of the spiritual support of the individual. The oil represents the Spirit and favor of God.

Furthermore, to anoint someone means to place [through faith] the favor of God upon an individual- whether that be fore healing or for restoration. Whatever the need may be, we anoint to show symbolically what we believe is happening in the spiritual realm.

Apostolic Anointing refers more to the specificity in which we operate as ministers of Apostolic Truth (Acts 2:38). We are to operate in the five-fold ministry and in order for us to develop in calling and succeed in the multi-faceted role of Apostolic Minister we have to be anointed and maintain our anointing [favor] from God.

-Adrian Bautista

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